About The Artist

Wes Shrader, creator of The Ghost Town Galleries, well known and established in Southern California for more than three decades, is an Internationally-Acclaimed, Award-Winning Master of Photography

Mr. Shrader, the proprietor of Aurora Gallery Photography, has merited with more than 50 National and International ‘Awards of Recognition’ in Beautiful Wedding Artistry, Fine Art Portraiture and Canvas
Renderings, and breathtaking Commercial Landscape Images which have appeared in many travel magazines.

He has traveled to many distant regions of the globe for photographic assignments in 27 countries and including Alaska, Hawai’i and the entire Continental United States, the Samoan Islands, the West Indies and various islands of the Carribean Ocean, Mexico, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and 11 Provinces of Canada.

A native of northern Canada, later completing his academic studies in Alaska, he embraced the love and passion of the Arctic, and his deep-rooted passion for wildlife, and his sublime talents as an accomplished musician, composer, poet, and author, have contributed significantly to his successful achievements as a dedicated, photographic artist.

He has lectured both nationally and abroad.

Welcome to our world of photographic excellence.

Proud Member
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  • Wedding Professional Photographers International (WPPI) TM